Important NOTE

Important NOTE

Medical research in the field of child nutrition is ongoing, and on individual questions, well-known scientists have different opinions. If in doubt, please always speak to your doctor first. Children should use kitchen gadgets such as kitchen knives or peelers, who cook themselves, be especially careful, so that they don't hurt themselves. When you take off the lid, you should be extra careful, because of the hot fumes.

If possible, buy only purified grain. Dirt and weed seeds (especially seeds of the poisonous grain wheel) must not be included.

The same goes for ergot. It is created by a fungus, which mainly attacks the rye. Consumed in large quantities it causes life-threatening symptoms of poisoning.

Never eat legume pods or seeds raw. The natural poison it contains is only released through sufficient cooking, the phasin, rendered harmless. This poison is only partially broken down during germination; deshalb sollten Sie auch Sojabohnenkeimlinge nicht zu oft und grundsätzlich nur kurz erhitzt oder blanchiert essen.

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