Almond bar

Almond bar


2 Owner
400 g flour
4 gestr. Teaspoon baking powder
200 g of sugar
2 packages of Vanilla sugar
200 g soft butter
1 Tbsp milk
100 g sliced ​​almonds

► For the set:
200 g dark chocolate couverture
250 g red currant jelly

preparation: 70 Min.
baking time: 8-10 Min.
Per piece approx.: 65 kcal

1 Separate egg, Set the egg whites aside. Flour, baking powder, Zucker, vanilla sugar, Knead the whole egg and yolk with butter into a dough. Let rest cool in foil.
Preheat the oven to 175 ° (Circulating air 160 °). Whisk the egg white with milk. Roll out the dough in portions as thick as a knife. Using a ruler, strips of 2×6 cm and place on the tray. Brush with egg milk and sprinkle with flaked almonds. In the oven (Not) in 8-10 Min. Bake light brown. Let the almond sticks cool down.
Melt the couverture in a water bath. Stir the currant jelly until smooth. Yes 2 Glue the cookies together. Dip the biscuits with both ends in the couverture, then let it dry on parchment paper.

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