Raspberry stars

Raspberry stars


250 g flour
125 g of sugar
125 g soft butter
1 No
200 g powdered sugar
4 Tbsp lemon juice
2 Tbsp raspberry jam

preparation: 50 Min.
baking time: 8-10 Min.
Per piece approx.: 35 kcal

Made from flour, Zucker, Knead the butter and egg into a dough. Let rest cool in foil.

Preheat ovens to 200 ° (Circulating air 180 °). dough 1/2 Roll out cm thick, Cut out stars, place on the baking sheet. In the oven (Not) in 8-10 Min. Bake light brown.

Made from powdered sugar, Salt and 1 Tablespoons of jam (iuss stir. Brush the cookies with it. In the middle of every star 1 Msp. Put the jam and use a wooden stick to pull it into the icing.

One thought on “Raspberry stars”

  1. These raspberry stars are an absolute dream and I'm about to bake large quantities (and that AFTER Christmas! Not in star form, of course), because they went away faster over Christmas, than you can see. The list of those, waiting to be replenished, is long. However, I didn't make it with this amount of dough, as stated, 100 Piece to get out. Never mind, you can make more dough.

    Greetings Doro

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