Couscous and Vegetable Pot with Sheep Cheese

Couscous and Vegetable Pot with Sheep Cheese

4 Servings • 519 kcal / 2175 kJ, 21 g E, 22 g F, 58 g KH pro Portion


250 g tomatoes

1 Aubergine

1 onion

2 Pepper shots

250 g sheep cheese (Feta)

2 Sprigs of mint

2 Tbsp olive oil

300 g Couscous

1 El Ras el-Hanout (Moroccan spice mix), alternatively paprika powder and ground cumin

400 ml of hot vegetable stock



Preparation time:

that. 25 Minutes (plus cooking time)

Wash the tomatoes, free from the stems and in 1 Cut cm large cubes. Wash the eggplant, clean and dice. Peel the onion and chop finely, wash the peppers, Core and dice very finely. Dice the sheep cheese as well. Wash the mint, shake dry, pluck the leaves and cut into fine strips.

Brush a saucepan with oil and put onion in it, Couscous, Paprika, Aubergine, Sheep cheese, tomatoes, Layer the Ras el-Hanout and mint and carefully pour the vegetable stock on top. Salt and pepper. Let it boil once, then switch to a low flame and let it soak for 10–15 minutes.

Mix the couscous one pot thoroughly before serving and season again to taste.

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