Sausage pan with potatoes and pumpkin

Sausage pan with potatoes and pumpkin

4 Servings • 579 kcal / 2424 kJ, 21 g E, 40 g F, 34 g KH pro Portion


700 g small potatoes

2 Shallots

1 Stick of leek

200 g Hokkaidokürbis

1 small bunch of parsley

2 Tbsp rapeseed oil

12 Nuremberg sausages

400 ml of hot beef broth

150 g Fresh cream


Preparation time:

that. 25 Minutes (plus cooking time)

Wash the potatoes thoroughly and, depending on size, halve or leave whole. Peel and finely chop the shallots. Wash the leek and cut into rings. Wash the pumpkin, core and 1 Dice cm large. Wash the parsley, Shake dry and chop finely.

Coat a tall pan with oil and heat on the stove. Fry the sausages brown all over, Add the shallot and sauté briefly. Potatoes, Spread the leek and pumpkin over the top and pour on the beef stock. Place the crème fraîche on top in blobs. 20 Let simmer for minutes, possibly add more broth. Mix well before serving, season with salt and pepper and sprinkle with parsley.



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