Brown Cake

Brown Cake


50 g lemon peel,

100 g butter or margarine,

is 100 g sugar and dark syrup.

300 g flour,

50 g deducted, ground almonds,

½ On the road. baking powder,

1 On the road. cinnamon,

you ¼ Teel. Aniseed and cardamom,

1 Knife point of clove powder;

flour for rolling,

Grease for the tin;

about 50 g peeled almonds,

50 g cherries.

Finely chop the lemon peel in a lightning chopper. Mix the fat with sugar and syrup until frothy. Flour. Almonds. baking powder. Stir in the spices and lemon peel. In portions on a little flour or between cling film, for example 2 Roll out mm thin. In rectangles (about 4×6 cm) cut and place on greased baking sheets. Garnish with halved almonds and halved cherries. Put in the oven, on 200 Grad / Gas Stufe 3 switch and bake for about twelve minutes; the next trays only ten minutes. Let cool down (per piece approx. 85 Calories).

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