Raw berry jam

Raw berry jam

You can prepare the jam from fresh or frozen fruits.

Zuloles for 600 g:

300 g red currants 300 g peaches or mango 250 g preserving sugar

It's easy

Overall about:

4000 kJ / 950 kcal 5 g protein ■ 1 g of fat 170 g of carbohydrates

• Zubereitungszeit: about 30 Minutes

1. Die Beeren waschen, Strip off the panicles with a fork and pass through the fruit press or flolle lolte.

2. Die Pfirsiche waschen oder die Mango schälen. Halve the fruit, remove the stones and roughly dice the pulp.

3. Das Beerenmark, the Peach- or mango pieces and the preserving sugar in a mixer on the highest setting for example 10 Beat minutes, until the jam is thick.

4. Die Konfitüre in gut gereinigte Schraubgläser füllen. It is then well sealed in the refrigerator up to 4 Shelf life for weeks.

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