The school breakfast is for eating …

The school breakfast is for eating …

… but too often it ends up in the bin, is best given away or simply left in the satchel, until it dries up or crumbles on the way home. The reasons for this have often been investigated. For one thing, the children often don't notice, what they like (even if it is healthy!), on the other hand, there is a lack of support at school, and after all, the little savages have to sit so long, that streaking is more important, than to eat. A small snack will help during the long mornings, fight tiredness and remain receptive. Heavy meals, on the other hand, tend to make you sluggish and tired. What to do?

• Machen Sie sich schon im 1. School year strong for a common breakfast in class, because kindergarten children are used to it. Why suddenly end this useful habit? The school break can 5 Start and last minutes before the big break 5 Minutes into the break. Eating and drinking is done in class with the teacher. There is even a media package from the Federal Center for Health Education.

• Fragen Sie Ihr Kind jeden Tag nach seinen Wünschen. Because preferences change. Also make new suggestions.

• Dunkles Brot bleibt länger saftig als helles – especially with lettuce or cucumber slice between the topping and bread. If it is then packed in a fresh hall box, it stays fresh.

• Milch oder Kakao isl das ideale Schulgetränk. Research has shown, that children, drank the milk, did significantly better than soda drinkers in tests. Milk is subsidized in almost all federal states and is cheap accordingly. Make yourself strong for it, that "your" school also dispenses milk.

• Im Saarland gibt es den »Müslierlaß«, that regulates, what the caretaker can sell to the children. As a parent, you too can take care of this at school, that only healthy snacks are offered: Limo, Cola, Chocolate bars and snacks are certainly out of place. Dairy products, fruit, Whole grain pastries and trail mix, on the other hand, are ideal options. But this idea only has opportunities, when all parents and teachers pull together.

• Neben einem belegten Brot und einem Milchgetränk sollten
You always give your child some fruit or vegetables. Important: It should be packed bite-sized in a food storage box, so that it can be eaten quickly during the short break. Apple slices, a banana, Grapes, Mandarin slices or radishes, Bell pepper traps and nibbling carrots are really good in between.

• Richten Sie sich bei der Menge, that you give, according to the schedule: At 3 Hours the child needs less provisions than at 5; Sport makes you thirsty, Swim hunger and many theoretical subjects in a row appetite for vitamin-rich snacks.

• Schimpfen Sie nicht über zurückgebrachte Brote – only if your child is open, you know, what it really ate at school.

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