ingredients for 250 g:

100 g hazelnuts
50 g pine nuts
1 Eßl. Carobpulver (Reformhaus)
1 On the road. Cocoa powder
4 Eßl. Maple syrup (Reformhaus)
1 Zimtpulver socket
50 g Mascarpone

It's easy

Overall about:

5100 kJ / 1200 kcal
27g protein 100g fat 53g carbohydrates

•Zubereilungszeit: about 35 Minutes

1. Roast the hazelnuts in a pan with a medium handle while stirring, let cool down. Rub as much of the skin as possible with your fingers.

2. The hazelnuts, the pine nuts, the carob powder, the Cocoa, Puree the maple syrup and the cinnamon in a blender, until the mixture is evenly creamy. Add the mascarpone and beat again briefly.

3. Pour the nut cream into a container with a lid. At most it is well closed in the refrigerator 4 Shelf life for weeks.

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