English orange spread

English orange spread

A sweet spread, which can be prepared well.

ingredients for 10 people:

2 mittelgroße unbehandelte


3 Owner

80 g Butler

120 g of sugar


Per serving about:
580 kJ / 140 kcal
2 g protein – 9 g of fat
13 g of carbohydrates

Preparation time: about 30 Minutes

1. Wash the oranges thoroughly with hot water, Pat dry and rub the peel. Squeeze the oranges.

2. Whisk the eggs in a saucepan. The butter, the sugar, stir in the orange juice and the orange peel. Place the pot on the stove in a larger pot of boiling water.

3. Die Orangenmasse etwa 15 Stir in a water bath for minutes, until it has become thick. Let the spread cool down a bit, then pass through a sieve.

4. Den Orangenaufstrich ausgekühlt servieren. In the refrigerator the spread is up to 1 Week. It goes well with buttered toast or fresh rolls.

Instead of the 2 You can also use oranges 3 Use untreated lemons. Prepare the spread as described in the recipe.

Before rubbing citrus peel, place a piece of parchment paper on the grater. You can use the oranges- Then gently knock the lemon peel off the paper and the grater stays clean.

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