Fat children have a harder time later

Fat children have a harder time later

Just 14% of round babies become plump as adults, while the 7 year old chubby did it later 41 % are, and who with 1 3 is still too fat, is 74% likely to be overweight even as an adult. And: The higher the overweight as a child, the thicker the adult too. About 6% of the 6-1 O-year-old boys are much too fat, later it is 15%. Among the girls, the proportion of fat women is increasing 11% on 7% from. On page 6/7 Could you verify, whether your child actually has too much baby fat on their ribs. If so, you shouldn't belittle it or ignore it.

• Der Körper stellt sich auf ein höheres Körpergewicht ein und versucht es zu hallen. The longer and more overweight your child is, the worse it gets rid of the pounds.

• Das Risiko, one day of diabetes, orthopedic ailments and cardiovascular diseases, thereby increases considerably.

• Ganz zu schweigen von den psychischen Problemen, that can appear.

• Ein übergewichtiges Kind ist in seiner Aktivität erheblich eingeschränkt. It can't go that fast, jump so high, climb as fast as the others. And then completely loses the desire to exercise.

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