Concentrated feed for little athletes

Concentrated feed for little athletes

In addition to school sports, many children also play sports in their free time. Monk sports in particular are beneficial for development at this age. But not every child, the "sports" 1-2 times a week, must be cared for like a competitive athlete:

• Vergessen Sie teure Isodrinks. Of course it's important, to supplement sweaty fluids and minerals. A mixture of fruit juice and mineral water containing magnesium is sufficient (over 50 mg / l] or fruit tea with 1 Teaspoon of honey per 1/4 l. Be sure to, that your child sips, not too hasty and drinking too much. The drink shouldn't be ice cold: about 10 ° in the heat, as a warm drink when it's cold.

• Eiweißfutter für Sportler ist out: High in carbohydrates, Low-fat meals are the right thing to do before exercising: noodle- or potato dishes and everything, was Sie im Kapitel »Abends was Leichtes« finden.

• Als Verpflegung zwischendurch oder danach sind selbstgemachte Müsliriegel, sandwiches, Fruit yoghurts or fruit are ideal. They are supposed to replenish the depleted glycogen stores of the liver and muscles and therefore not too fat, but be high in carbohydrates. Chocolate bars and the like are too fat and put a strain on the stomach during the recovery phase.

• Und wie ist es mit dem Schwimmen? The rule still applies, 1 Don't eat anything for the hour before swimming? In fact there is milk lying there,

Cocoa and pretzel longer than 1 Hour in the stomach, raw fruit 3-4 Hours and a steak 5-6 Hours. Who has to eat before swimming, that should be a yogurt, Choose oatmeal with milk or a lean cheese bread. "Friererchen" can also sip a hot bouillon or chocolate beforehand. The hunger for bears should only be satisfied afterwards. Incidentally, this applies to every sport.

• Kinder, who play competitive sports, so train for several hours a day, need to be fed particularly high quality. They need a little more protein to build muscle than untrained children, but should cover the additional energy requirement through carbohydrates. So on foods with high nutritional value like whole grains, milk, Pay attention to vegetables and fruits, Avoid “empty” energy in the form of soda and sweets. Always meat with vegetable protein sources such as legumes, Potatoes, Combine dairy products and cereals.

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