What to do about school fatigue?

What to do about school fatigue?

If your child is sagging in the morning, on the one hand, the teacher is annoyed, and on the other hand, it loses connection with time and with it the interest in the lessons. What to do?

• Schläft Ihr Kind genug? In the 1. Class should be around 20.00 Clock, in the 3. and 4 Class at the latest 20.30 Uhi be calm. Depending on, which school is after the 4. Class changes, it should also be in the 5. and 6. Class no later than 21.00 Be clock. And not after an exciting TV show or a cassette. Dear Jen, let the day end slowly with conversations, Play - maybe with a book. dont say, Your child cannot sleep in the evening – with perseverance and patience, you can influence this habit.

• Vielleicht leidet Ihr Kind unter Blutarmut, this means, it has too few red blood cells. The pediatrician can fix that. The cause can be insufficient iron or a lack of vitamins B6, B12, E and folic acid. Make sure you have enough beef in your diet, some liver and whole grains. Press
an orange for breakfast, and put nuts on the desk to nibble on.

• Hat Ihr Kind genug Bewegung? Organize swimming once a week, if possible, go cycling every day, instead of playing taxi, let the kids romp.

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