What's wrong now, has consequences later

What's wrong now, has consequences later

What our school children eat and drink today, has changed in recent years:

• Sie trinken weniger Milch: Instead of what is needed 1/2 l drink the 10-1 2year olds only 300 ml – and one fifth of them are sweet dairy products such as yogurt and quark preparations.

episode: The children do not get enough calcium for their bone structure.

• Sie essen viel zu süß: 15% of daily energy is absorbed in the form of sugar. Most of the sugar comes from beverages, Sweets and spreads. episode: Valuable nutrients are missing, which are just not clear in the sugar. In addition, the teeth suffer.

• Sie bekommen zu wenig Ballaststoffe, this means, too little wholemeal bread, Potatoes, vegetables and fruit. Instead there is plenty of white bread, Potato products, white noodles and polished rice. episode: Indolence, Indigestion and blemished skin. And too few vitamins and minerals are being absorbed, those in whole grains, Vegetables and fruits are particularly well represented.

• Kinder essen zu viel Fleisch und Wurstwaren. This increases the proportion of protein and less valuable fats in the diet. Grain, Potatoes, Dairy products and vegetables are neglected. episode: Your child is consuming too much cholesterol and too little polyunsaturated fatty acids. If the predisposition is unfavorable, this can lead to deposits in the arteries of children (arteriosclerosis) come.

• Kinder bekommen zu viel Salz. That's what bread is for, Ready meals, »Fast Food«, Cheese and meat products responsible. episode: Blood pressure can already be increased and arteriosclerosis can begin.

• Kinder trinken zu wenig: Investigations prove, that they are only drinking half the recommended amount of fluids and that their urine is far too concentrated.

episode: Constipation and an early overload of the kidneys develop.

• Kinder bekommen ebenso wie Erwachsene zu wenig Jod. Natural sources of iodine are sea fish and milk, but which are not consumed enough.

And the deficiency cannot be compensated for by iodized table salt alone.

episode: Goiter can develop early on.

• Auch die Versorgung mit den Vitaminen B1, B2, B6, A and folic acid and the minerals calcium, Iron and iodine are not enough. episode: This leads to concentration problems, a defensive weakness and a poorer development.

• Etwg 10% of school children under 10 Years are too thin. episode: Puberty can be delayed and growth slowed down.

• Zu dick sind dagegen bei den 6-10jährigen Jungen nur 6%, with the girls 11%. episode: This age already becomes the basis for a considerable excess weight, Diabetes and cardiovascular disease laid.

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