Too thin – growth-related or the onset of an eating disorder?

Too thin – growth-related or the onset of an eating disorder?

Children who are too fat are talked about all the time – Nobody talks about the thin ones. There are about 10% of school children under 10 Years too thin. While this improves with the boys with increasing allergy, the proportion of thin girls is increasing.

Due to the significant growth between the 6. and 12. At the age of 13, children can become extremely thin during the growth spurts. The Appelil no longer resonates with the demand. There are also many other things, that are much more exciting than food. This temporary underweight is usually harmless, but can lead to health vulnerabilities and growth retardation in the long term. Compare on the weight curve, whether your child is seriously underweight. In that case, you should try, to "fill" him with a few kilos.

• Reichern Sie das Tellergericht Ihres Kindes mit Nüssen, some cream, butter or some oil, because fur provides calories, without taking up too much space in the stomach.

• Bielen Sie Ihrem Kind immer kleine Zwischenmahlzeiten an, so that it doesn't have to eat too much at once: Studentenfutter, yogurt, Cocoa, Wholemeal pastries, Cheese bread or whole-food confectionery provide many valuable nutrients in addition to the calories.

• Sorgen Sie für ausreichend Zeit und eine entspannte Atmosphäre bei Tisch, so that your child can eat with appetite and calm.

But being thin can also be an appearance that is brought about quite consciously and dictated by fashion. Mostly girls are affected, but boys also increasingly want to be thin. The consequence: Delay in puberty and short stature.
Both development deficits can be made up with better nutrition. But if the underweight is not made up, permanent damage occurs – Bone structure, teeth, the development of the genital organs lag behind. So it's important, intervene in time.

• Zunächst muß eine Magersucht ausgeschlossen werden. Talk to your pediatrician about it. In this early morning it is more of a rope. The abuse of laxatives is typical of anorexia, willful vomiting, constant gymnastics exercises with simultaneous preference, to cook and feed others. Anorexia needs to be treated with the help of a therapist.

• Oder ist es nur ein »normales« Nacheifern des gängigen Schönheitsideals? Check yourself out once: As long as you are constantly dieting and talking about losing weight, are you a defining example. Accept the outside of your child for what they are. Only if you judge his physique and disposition positively, your child gets a normal attitude towards their body too.

• Versuchen Sie, Your child the value of a powerful, explain vital organism. Make it clear to him, that it is not an attractive one, this means, healthy adult can grow up, if it is already starving. Here, too, physical activity can become a regulating factor between Uber- and become underweight.

Use it as the right motivation, that a child who is too thin is most likely to see his performance limits in sport and perceives this as a disadvantage.

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