Stomachache before class?

Stomachache before class?

Does your child have abdominal pain on a regular basis?, you should go to the pediatrician with him. If everything is really okay and the doctor rules out organic causes!, the pain can be a sign of school ailments. Try together with your child, to get to the bottom of the cause. At the same time, you can also help him with nutrition:

• Give him a mild one, gentle diet. Warm oat groats in the morning, Rice pudding or semolina with a little compote. At school, in addition to school milk, you can have some wholemeal pastries or a banana. And anyway: little fat, Fried or smoked food.

Even those who have these symptoms before class work, should leave home well cared for. Because a hungry tummy only makes things worse.

• Very sensitive children can take fennel tea with honey in a thermos bottle until they recover –
this calms nervous stomachs. The school milk can then be replaced with a fruit yogurt – it almost always slips and is particularly easy to digest.

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