Marine surprise

Marine surpriseingredients for 4 people:
250 g parboiled Reis
400 ml of tomato juice
400 g frozen fish fillet
3 Eßl. Lemon juice
600 g frozen raw bioccoli
125 g herbal cream fraiche
100 g of cream
80 g Gouda,freshly grated
For the shape: fat

Easily succeeds for rounded people

Per serving about:
2200 kJ / 520 kcal
34 g protein 34 g of fat
47 g of carbohydrates

• Preparation time: about
1 hour 35 Minutes (from that 1 hour 10 Minutes of cooking time)

1. Bring the rice with the tomato juice to a boil. Everything about 15 Simmer for minutes over low heat. In the meantime, drizzle the lemon juice over the fish fillet and lightly salt.
2. Grease a flat baking dish. Layer half of the rice and divide the frozen broccoli pieces between them. Place the fish fillet on top.
3. Whisk the creme fraiche with the cream and distribute evenly over the fish. Then spread the remaining rice on the casserole, Smooth out carefully and sprinkle the cheese on top.
4. Put the casserole in the cold oven (below) push. Set the automatic in this way, that the casserole at 220 ° (Gas Stoves 4) about 1 hour 10 Minutes to cook. The surface should then be browned.

Instead of fish, you can also layer pork strips prepared ready to cook or layer dumplings made from fresh sausage between the broccoli vegetables. If your child doesn't like broccoli: cauliflower, Carrots and peas as well as kohlrabi can also be prepared in this way.

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