This mix is ​​easy, stimulating and lasts a long time. So right for plump children, that don't get going in the morning.

ingredients for 200 ml:

1/2 little Jonagold (about 50 g)
25 g Season beds_
1/8 l Bullermilch
1/2 Eßl, sweet sea buckthorn salmon
1 On the road. yellow flax seeds

For plump people
About: 440 kJ / 100 kcal

6g protein 3g fat 13g carbohydrates

• Zubereitungszeit: about 5 Minutes

1. Wash half the apple, Rub dry, peel, quarter and cut out the core casing. Wash and clean the berries.

2. Die Apfelviertel, the berries, Puree the buttermilk and sea buckthorn juice in a blender, until the mix is ​​frothy.

3. Den Milchmix ins Glas füllen und mit den Leinsamen bestreuen.


Sea buckthorn juice can be sweetened to different degrees. So maybe sweeten the drink with a little honey.

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