Fast & healthy: Kitchen for working mothers

Fast & healthy: Kitchen for working mothers

When the kids start school, many mothers start working again – most part-time, some all day. This is not easy to reconcile with our school system, because there is no Mitlag table, no afternoon care at school, and nurseries are rare. So shopping and cooking have to run at the same time - the quality of the food shouldn't suffer!

• Anyone who works full time, should cook in the evening. Because one warm meal a day is important, because only they use certain foods like potatoes, vegetables, An adequate supply of fish and meat and thus important nutrients. Against 1 8.00 O'clock to eat, would be ideal, so that the food is not too heavy in the stomach. In the chapter "Something light in the evenings" you can find something quickly prepared, Easily digestible dishes together.

• Planning is everything: Make a proper meal plan, then it will be easier for you, To bring a full meal to the table without rushing. Especially then, when you come home at noon and you at most 1 Hour remains, to prepare the food.

• You should do bulk purchases once a week. Health food stores usually have a delivery service, which you can use for the healthy products.

Fresh ingredients like vegetables, Your child can get fruit and meat too, best in smaller shops. You can let us know there, so that the salespeople help your child. main thing, the bag doesn't get too heavy.

• Do not pre-cook all the time: The nutritional value of the food suffers enormously when it is stored and reheated.

• Cereals and rice, on the other hand, can soak up wonderfully during the day in a cooking box or in warm blankets. Then a very healthy side dish is already ready, When you come home.

• Sprouts are a vegetable, that you can always have fresh at home, that no longer has to be cleaned and enhances every meal with lots of vitamins and minerals.

• Frozen vegetables from home delivery save you shopping, Cleaning and chopping – so a lot of time. The nutritional value of vegetables can be compared to that of fresh vegetables. So it's a good solution, if you limit yourself to pure vegetables. Vegetables that have already been prepared, On the other hand, ready-made meals or fried snacks contain a lot of salt, hidden fats and are therefore less valuable.

• A microwave oven works well in combination with frozen food: Your supplies of aem ice are ready to eat in no time. However, the device only saves time when cooking with small portions. On the other hand, it is ideal for gentle warming up.

• The preparation of salads takes a lot of time. Instead, provide a bowl of fruit, Snack vegetables and nuts, that are within reach of children during the day.

• Just don't get guilty: A happy mother, who has time for her children after work and uses it, don't have to blame yourself. On the contrary: These children become more independent and secure more quickly. But it has a negative effect, if you try, to compensate with sweet or pocket money.

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