A lack of minerals also has consequences later on

A lack of minerals also has consequences later on

Minerals are not only involved in metabolic processes – they are also building blocks. If there is too little building material available during growth, then the body substance is not built up optimally. This is especially true for calcium. Fluor. Iron and iodine.

• Milch ist die ideale Calciumquelle. because the milk sugar also promotes the absorption of calcium:

1/2 l Whole milk or similar dairy products already cover the calcium requirement of a school child 75%. Hard cheese or yogurt bring the rest. Quark alone is not a sufficient source of calcium!

• Eisen ist vor allem in dunklem Fleisch und Leber enthalten, or also in whole grain, leafy green vegetables and herbs. It makes sense to combine side dishes rich in vitamin C with meat: this makes better use of iron by the body. About 100 g Meat suffice, to cover the daily requirement of a school child. The iron supply is particularly scarce in girls after the onset of puberty.

• Fluor ist härtender Bestandteil des Zahnschmelzes und beugt Karies vor. It is sufficiently contained in sea fish and drinking water near the sea. Therefore, you should give the child the fluorine tablet prescribed by the pediatrician every day (for children from 7. age 1 mg). But that makes the protein-rich, lean fish are not superfluous!

• Jod stammt aus den gleichen Quellen wie Fluor – accordingly iodine deficiency is widespread in inland areas. Already
Over a third of all school children suffer from iodine deficiency.

Only much too late does it become externally visible through a goiter. It can also lead to growth problems. You should always use iodized table salt in the household and serve sea fish more often. However, over half of the daily salt consumption comes from finished products such as bread, cold cuts, Cheese and pizza. Iodized salt is only allowed to be used in food production for a short time, that are not diet products, be used. Pay attention to the corresponding labeling and give preference to these products.

Conclusion: Milk and a lot of sea fish can certainly remedy a lack of crucial minerals!

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