Make vitamins smarter?

Make vitamins smarter?

When children are vitamin deficient, then their mental performance can be increased with sufficient vitamins. Because vitamins are involved in all metabolic processes, that is understandable.

But which vitamins are neglected? The vitamins of the B group are particularly critical, those in the preparation by heat, Light and air are easily destroyed. The following vitamins could also be scarce in your child:

• Thiamin (Vitamin B1) is involved in the carbohydrate metabolism and has an effect on the thyroid and nerve functions. It comes in whole grains, Sprouts, lean pork, Soybeans, Peas and sunflower seeds.

• Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) is crucial for healthy growth. children, who hardly eat dairy products, can have a defect. Only egg yolks, chicken, Liver and dry yeast can provide a little compensation.

• Pyridoxin (Vitamin B6) is involved in protein metabolism, provides momentum, Alertness and beautiful skin. Many children have a scarce supply. In addition to whole grains are wheat germ, flesh, Mackerel and herring, Soybeans, green beans, Lauch, Bell peppers and banana rich in vitamin B6.

• Folsäure hat eine ähnliche Funktion, is very sensitive to heat and almost exclusively in raw vegetables such as beetroot, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, Contains fennel and spinach. Freshly squeezed orange juice also has folic acid to offer!

• Vitamin C schließlich bekommen unsere Kinder reichlich.

• Die fettlöslichen Vitamine A. D. E and K are not so sensitive and don't miss out on our high-fat diet. However, children should be sufficiently outside in the fresh air, because a precursor of vitamin D is formed in the skin by UV radiation. If you look at the list of rare vitamins, is very clear: full grain, fresh vegetables and milk solve every deficiency problem – even without pills!

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