Lots of little energy shots at the right time

Lots of little energy shots at the right time

"A full stomach doesn't like studying" they say – rightly. Who eats large poilions once a day, then feels tired and tired. Because, on the one hand, the body has to do heavy work with digestion. On the other hand, the hunger is all the greater in between. The power curve shown here indicates, when meals make sense, to reduce performance degradation:

Breakfast replenishes the energy reserves in the liver
on, which were emptied during the night. Carbohydrate-rich mueslis are ideal for this: They are digested for a long time, the energy flows regularly, Your child won't get hungry again too quickly.

The second breakfast slows the case down to lunchtime – preferably with easily digestible foods such as milk and dairy products. lean sandwiches and fruit. Both breakfast meals should be roughly together 35% of daily energy supply.

The lunch, the 30% that should bring daily calories to the plate, can the
Keep your stomach busy a little longer – after that your child should have a break. In the afternoon a small Vesper helps (about 10% the daily energy), which awakens the spirits again.

In the evening you should not eat too heavily or too late. For working mothers, who cook in the evening, it's not that easy to put into practice. That's why I have an extra chapter on this (page 44-51) with recipes as suggestions. Dinner should then only be about 25% the daily amount of calories.

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