Set the table

Set the tableUnfortunately, vegetables are often neglected, especially when time is short. It doesn't have to be. You can place frozen vegetables with all their ingredients in a baking dish in the morning. Who has an automatic baking system for his stove, can then the prepared Auflau: Put it straight into the cold oven and set the automatic oven. If you want to bake the casserole right away, you need him about 15 Cook minutes longer.

ingredients for 4 people:

1/4 l vegetable broth
1/4 l milk
250 g Maisgrieß
200 g ricotta salata or mild feta
400 g Sahnequark
3 Owner
black pepper, freshly ground
Nutmeg, freshly grated
500 g deep-frozen raw spinach in chips
50 g butter or unhardened margarine

For the shape: fat

Succeeds easily for linens

Per serving about:
3200 kJ / 760 kcal
33 g protein 42 g of fat
60 g of carbohydrates

Preparation time: about 2 Hours (from that 1 hour 10 Minutes of cooking time)

1. Bring the vegetable stock and milk to a boil, let the corn grits trickle in. Season with a little salt and the corn over low heat for about 15 Let it soak for minutes, stir every now and then.
2. Now a high baking dish for 2 l Grease the contents with a little fat. The ricotta or the feta, Mix the quark and eggs with the hand blender until creamy and season with pepper and nutmeg.
3. Put a third of the corn porridge in the mold. Then layer half of the frozen spinach chips and half of the curd mixture. Spread the second third of the maize porridge on top. Place the remaining spinach chips and the remaining quark mixture on top. The last layer should be corn porridge.
4. Spread the butter or margarine in flakes on the casserole. The casserole in the oven (below) at 220 ° (Gas Stoves 4) about 1 hour 10 Bake for minutes, until the surface is lightly browned.

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