Knowledge helps

Knowledge helps

Clearly: Our school children are still in a phase, in which instinct and external influence have a much more lasting effect on eating behavior, as sensible advice from parents. But the inner voice, that once helped to survive in nature, fails today with the huge range of finished products, which, especially for children, can no longer be seen through in their composition. The influence of advertising on children in terms of nutrition is great and not always for the best.

• Sie als Ellern sollten über eine gesunde Ernährung Bescheid wissen und den Kindern immer direkte Zusammenhänge zwischen Körper und Ernährung klarmachen. That sweet tooth decay, Obesity from overeating and the pimples from the fries, children understand quickly.

• Kinder interessieren sich durchaus für größere Zusammenhänge. Let them plant something in the garden, Draw bars on the windowsill, visit an organic farm once: Then your child will have a completely different relationship to food, which otherwise only sees it packaged in the supermarket.

• Machen Sie Ihrem Kind die ökologischen Zusammenhänge klar. Even first graders are interested in and get involved in environmental issues, the school contributes a lot. If you make it clear to your child, that our meat fattening removes nourishment from the human being, that intensive cultivation is poisoning our groundwater, that a heavy processing of food mostly lowers their nutritional value, then it becomes his chocolate, his cake, look at his hamburger with another Auger.

• Aber: All of this is very inconvenient for you! Because you have to inform yourself well, and moreover, each of your actions is now evaluated with critical eyes and comments. You must now secretly eat the chocolate again …

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