BärentalerWho likes to nap, gets his money's worth with these substantial delicacies. They are not just an ideal school breakfast, but also taste good in the afternoon – instead of ice cream and cake!
This bar makes you strong as a bear and tastes good to little bears. Why? The soaked, Ground grain contains many valuable vitamins and minerals and tastes pleasantly sweet with almonds and dates!

Ingredients for about 15 Dead:
2 dried apricots
150 g whole wheat meal
100 ml freshly squeezed
orange juice
50 g unpeeled almonds
100 g dates
30 Whole grain wafers of around 10 cm ∅

Child's play for linnets

At 15 Pieces per piece approximately: 320 kJ / 76 kcal
2 g protein 2 g of fat
12 g of carbohydrates

Soaking time: about Nachf
Preparation time: eiwa 15 Minutes

1. Die Aprikosen waschen und sehr fein würfeln. Soak overnight with the crushed wheat and orange juice.

2. Den Schrot und die Aprikosen mit dem Pürierstab fein pürieren.

3. Bring the almonds to the boil in a saucepan with water, Drain and rinse with cold water. Then press it out of the shell. Stone the dates.

4. Add the almonds and dates to the cereal and apricot puree. Puree with the hand blender for so long, until the mass is creamy.

5. Spread the mass with a spoon 15 Distribute wafers. With each 1 Cover and pinch the wafer, until the filling is evenly distributed between the wafers. They keep for about in the refrigerator 2 Weeks.

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