Protein like a beggar!

Protein like a beggar!

Egg whites should only be around 15% make up their energy supply. It shouldn't be used for energy production like carbohydrates and fats, because the breakdown is too complicated for our body. Rather, protein is the basic subsidence of our cells. The growing body needs a lot of it to build the cells. It is made up of amino acids, and the more similar the amino acids of a protein are to our body protein, the higher its biological value.

Protein from meat, Fish and milk are very high quality, as it is very similar to body protein. But also plants like cereals, Potatoes and legumes contain valuable protein. Both protein groups, in relation to 50:50 combined, are ideal for us. Because if a child only eats meat and dairy products

Covers protein needs, it gets way too many hidden pelts. Daily requirements are difficult to meet with vegetable protein alone: A child can hardly cope with so much chewing work!

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