Arteriosclerosis already?

Arteriosclerosis already?

Alarming findings have been increasing recently, especially from the USA, via deposits in the arteries even in children. A later cardiovascular disease seems to be planned in advance for these children. What to do?

• Wenn ein Mitglied der Familie unter Arteriosklerose beziehungsweise einem erhöhten Blutfettspiegel leidet, you should have your child's blood values ​​checked as early as possible. Blood cholesterol levels over 175-200 mg are considered risky according to the current state of knowledge.

Turns out, that your child has high levels of fat in the blood, you should change your diet immediately, to prevent later damage.

• Achten Sie auf einen niedrigen Cholesteringehalt der Nahrung: egg yolk, Butler, fat cheeses (over 50% Feit i. Tr.), Offal and fatty meat, You should remove pastries and sweets from the menu and instead use lots of whole grains, vegetables, prepare lean dairy products and fruit.

• Begrenzen Sie die Fetlzufuhr auf höchstens 30% of energy – it shouldn't be more anyway. Use vegetable oils for cooking and diet margarine with a high proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids as a spread.

• Bereiten Sie möglichst häufig Meeresfisch zu, because it contains omega-3 fatty acids. the prevention of atherosclerosis.

Dietary fiber binds cholesterol. Also: lots of whole grains, Give fruit and vegetables. Oat bran is particularly effective, which are tastefully prepared for muesli in stores

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