And what do key children eat for lunch?

And what do key children eat for lunch?

It is best not to have a currywurst on the corner and not a "piece" from the bakery! If you eat warm in the evening, the kitchen should stay cold at noon. Don't give your child money for a quick bite out of a guilty conscience! Instead, offer themselves:

• Whole grain bread, that your child can bake cheese themselves in the microwave. In addition, snack vegetables and milk, ready is an ideal meal.

• Your child prefers sweets, then prepare the ingredients for a granola: After school he can mix the mixture himself.

• If your child likes something warm in their stomach for lunch in winter, it should be hot chocolate or a warm yeast-based bouillon (Being able to prepare health food.

• Breakfast is especially important, if there is only a small meal at noon. Fresh grain muesli, soaked in the evening, is an uncomplicated one in the morning for working people, quick solution.

• If you yourself have a warm lunch in the canteen and no longer want to cook in the evening, you should look for other solutions. A lunch table – Of course, for a fee - with the mother of a classmate, with friends or with grandparents would be the best solution. Because a mother, which is not in the kitchen after work, but has time, is more important to a child than the famous love, that goes through the stomach.

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