Above all, drink enough – but the right thing!

Above all, drink enough – but the right thing!

Investigations revealed, that children drink too little and the wrong thing, that both is a matter of habit and is not controlled by the feeling of thirst. Facil for attentive Ellern: Make children drink.

6-8year old children should be between 600 and 900 drink ml of liquid. The need for 8-10 year olds increases 650-1000 ml, and the big ones up 12 Years should 700-1 100 drink ml daily. During exercise or on hot days, the fluid requirement can even double! And not soda, Cola or Neklar. Every school child should stable of 1/2 Drink liters of whole milk, a comparable amount of cocoa or yogurt (possibly little sweetened). Mineral water is also an ideal fire extinguisher. When your child refuses the water, try different varieties – it then notices, that water also has a certain taste and can choose its favorite type. Herbal or flower teas are also good thirst quenchers, but should not be sweetened. Pure fruit juices
They taste good without added sugar, but contain too many calories and should always be diluted with plenty of water. Fruit drinks, Nectar and sodas are too sweet and take away your appetite, without supplying the child with valuable nutrients.

What about the issue, whether it is allowed to drink at the table? New studies suggest, that by drinking the carbohydrates are digested faster and go into the blood: This causes the blood sugar level to rise, and the hunger disappears. Therefore, if possible, thin children should not drink while eating. Only if the food doesn't slide, can drink it. It is best to give water or a squirted juice rich in vitamin C., for example oranges- or passion fruit juice, because vitamin C promotes the absorption of iron from food.

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