Spaetzle with lentils and bacon

Spaetzle with lentils and bacon

4 Servings • 395 kcal / 1654 kJ, 13 g E, 20 g F, 41 g KH pro Portion


1 Red onion

1 small bunch of parsley

100 g smoked bacon

240 g canned lentils

400 g fresh spaetzle from the refrigerated counter



Preparation time:

that. 20 Minutes

Peel the onions and finely dice them. Wash the parsley, Shake dry and chop finely.

Dice the bacon, Leave in a coated saucepan and fry lightly. Then add the onion cubes and roast. Add the lentils with the liquid and the spaetzle and cook for 3–5 minutes over medium heat. Season to taste with pepper and salt.

Add the parsley before serving and mix everything well.


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