Sheep cheese pasta with eggplant and mint

Sheep cheese pasta with eggplant and mint

4 Servings • 717 kcal / 3002 kJ, 29 g E, 28 g F, 86 g KH pro Portion


600 g Eggplant

2 Red onions

2 Garlic cloves

200 g sheep cheese (Feta)

50 g walnuts

1 untreated lime

2-3 sprigs of mint

2 Tbsp olive oil

200 g peas (TK)

400 g short pasta

800 ml vegetable broth

¼ Tl Cayennepfeffer

1 Tl Currypulver


Preparation time:

that. 25 Minutes (plus cooking time)

Wash the eggplants, clean and dice. Peel the onions and garlic, Finely chop the garlic, Cut the onion into rings. Crumble the sheep's cheese, coarsely chop the walnuts. Rinse the lime with hot water, dry, rub off the peel from one half, squeeze out all of the juice. Wash the mint, pluck the leaves and chop them.

Heat the oil in a pot, Sauté onions and garlic in it. Then add the aubergine cubes and cook approx. 3 Fry minutes. Peas, Pasta, Lime juice and peel, half of the sheep's cheese, Add the stock and spices. Salt and pepper and cook over medium heat with the lid closed for approx. 10 Let simmer for minutes. If necessary, add a little water.

Mix the sheep's cheese pasta well before serving and add the mint, Sprinkle with the rest of the sheep's cheese and walnuts.

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