The right ingredients

The right ingredients

Important is, that the garnish is great- and in terms of quantity, color and taste, matches and complements the spread.
It is the easiest, Spices such as sweet paprika powder, Sprinkle curry powder or coarsely ground pepper over the coated bread. With the help of a template (for example Alfalfcr, mustard- or radish sprouts) simply sprinkle over the coated bread. The edible flowers of daisies, Marigolds, Capuchin cress, Yarrow and borage are very colorful, original decorations.

White or red onions can be cut into thin rings or small cubes. If you don't like the smell and taste of raw onions that much, simply scald the cut onions briefly with boiling water. Roasted onions go particularly well with liver spreads.

Colorful peppers, in rings, Cut into strips or cubes, are a pretty one, pikante suit.

Fresh radishes can be used in a particularly versatile way thanks to their bright raw color. For example, you can slice them, Cut pens or rosettes.

The little kirsch- or cocktail tomatoes are ideal for garnishing. And also see normal sized tomatoes, as slices or sixths, very decorative. Or you can peel and core the tomatoes and cut the pulp into small cubes. With its piquant heat, horseradish goes well with meat- and egg spreads. It tastes best and most intensely freshly grated.

You can peel fine strips from raw carrots with the Juliennereißer. Or you can finely grate the carrots.

When you notch a cucumber lengthways with the canneling knife and then cut it into slices, creates a pretty one, star-shaped pattern. Carrots- and cucumber slices, arranged alternately, are fast, colorful garnish for cheese and vegetable spreads. gherkins, cut into round or oval slices or in fans, taste good on hearty meat spreads. Black olives are suitable whole or halved as an ornament. Green olives with red filling look very appetizing when sliced. Capers go well with cream cheese spreads in terms of taste and appearance. Smaller capers, which, by the way, also taste spicier, you can use in whole, larger ones should be cut in half. Silver onions, Corn on the cob and gherkins (very small pickles) are suitable as a savory garnish. Who loves Scharres, will be about small pickled hot peppers (Piri-Piri) looking forward.

You can cut mushrooms into thin slices, either raw or cooked. They are well suited for decorating spreads with strong colors.

Light or dark grapes, halved and cored, go well with cheese- and ham spreads.

The smaller hard-boiled eggs are, the better they are suitable for garnishing, because the disks and sixths then don't fall apart so easily. In addition to chicken eggs, you can therefore also get quail- and use seagull eggs. Eggs go well with tomatoes and olives.

Hard cheese can either be grated or cut into thin strips or small cubes. Sunflower seeds, Sesame, See flax seeds and poppy seeds, scattered all over the spread, particularly pretty. You should cut walnut kernels in half, Cut the hazelnuts into thin slices and the almonds into sticks. All nuts are also suitable ground, coarsely or finely chopped for garnish.

With watered, Anchovy fillets cut into fine strips can be topped with a grid like breadcrumbs.

Of the types of caviar, black caviar are suitable, red keta caviar and yellow trout caviar are excellent for decorating.

Truffles are probably the finest, but also the most expensive ornament. They are used on very special occasions and even then only as wafer-thin slices, Strips or pens used for garnishing.

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