Salmon Spread from Canada

Salmon Spread from Canada

ingredients for 4 people:

300 g raw salmon fillet

1 small onion (about 50 g)

½ bunch of parsley

1 Bunch of dill

½ bunch of chives

1 Eßl. Cornflour

1 Eßl. Lemon juice

2 Eßl. Sour cream


black pepper, freshly ground

Fast • For guests

Per portion about:
1 100 kJ / 260 kcal
16 g protein 20 g of fat
2 g of carbohydrates

Preparation time: about 20 Minutes

1. Rinse the salmon fillet thoroughly and pat dry with kitchen paper. Remove any bones with tweezers. Thinly slice the salmon fillet first, then cut into fine strips. Cut the salmon strips into very small cubes.

2«Finely chop the onion.

The parsley, Wash the dill and chives thoroughly and toss to dry. Remove the coarse stems from the parsley and about half of the dill and chop finely. Cut the chives into fine rolls.

3. Die Lachswürfel in eine Schüssel geben. The corn oil, add the lemon juice and creme fraiche. Stir in the onion cubes and the chopped herbs.

4. Den Lachsoufstrich mit Salz und Pfeffer pikant abschmecken und mit den restlichen Dillsträußchen garnieren. It goes well with black bread or wholemeal bread.

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