Crispy pretzels

Crispy pretzels


300 g flour,

100 g powdered sugar,

1 On the road. Natural vanilla,

150 g butler or margarine,

2 egg yolk,

Flour for molding,

Grease for the tin;

50 g powdered sugar,

about 3 Eßl. Almond liqueur (alternatively lemon juice).

Flour, powdered sugar, Natural vanilla, soft fat and egg yolks first with the dough hook of the hand mixer, then knead with your hands. Chill the dough for about an hour. From the dough with floured hands, for example 15 Form cm long rolls and place into pretzels. Place on greased baking sheets and put in the oven. On 175 Grad / Gas Stufe 2 switch and about 15 Bake for minutes: the next trays only twelve minutes. Mix the powdered sugar with the liqueur and coat the pretzels thickly with it. let dry (per piece approx. 100 Calories).

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