Chocolate sesame macaroons

Chocolate sesame macaroons


► 75 g dark chocolate 200 g peeled sesame seeds

3 Egg whites

1 Teaspoon lemon juice

150 g of sugar| 1/2 Teaspoon cinnamon

► For the set:

150 g dark chocolate couverture

© Preparation: 40 Min.

© baking time: 20-25 Min.

► Approx.: 60 kcal

11 Grate chocolate. Toast the sesame seeds in a pan without fat. Preheat the oven to 150 ° (circulating air, 140°).

2 | Beat egg whites with lemon juice until stiff. Let the sugar in. Sesame, Fold in the chocolate and cinnamon loosely. Put walnut-sized piles on the baking sheet with two spoons. In the oven (Not) 20-25 Min. bake and let cool.

3 | Let the couverture melt. Dip the underside of the macaroon and let it dry on baking paper.

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