100 g apricot jam
125 g soft butter
125 g powdered sugar
1 packages of Vanilla sugar
3 Owner
2 EL Sahne
125 g flour

For the set:
100 g white couverture
100 g dark chocolate couverture
100 g whole milk couverture
Fat for the shape

preparation: 1 Std. 10 Min.
baking time: every layer 3-4 Min.
Per piece approx.: 80 kcal

Preheat the oven to 250 ° (Circulating air 220 °). Grease the loaf pan well. Heat the apricot jam and stir until smooth, possibly puree. Butter with powdered sugar, Beat the vanilla sugar and eggs until creamy. Add the cream and stir in the flour.

2-3 Spread tablespoons of batter on the bottom of the baking pan.
In the oven (Not) in 3-4 Min. Bake light brown. Again 2-3 Spread tablespoons of batter on it and 3-4 Min. to bake. Spread jam thinly on top, 2-3 Spread tablespoons of batter on top and 3-4 Min. to bake. Repeat this process for so long, until the batter is used up. Work in another layer of jam. Let the cake cool in the pan.

Melt the couvertures separately in a water bath.

Take the cake out of the mold and put it in 3 Cut cm thick slices, Cut the slices into cubes of the same size. Each 20 Dip the Baumkuchen cubes in one of the couvertures with a fork and let them dry on parchment paper. Separate the remaining couvertures into a small freezer bag, Cut off one corner and decorate the different colored cubes with it.

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